The History of the Casino

To the majority of people, casino is just a place where you visit to try and get rich quick by trying their luck. With the ever rapidly changing technology, the casino world has developed over the years and live casinos have not been exempted because online casinos that can be played in the console of your home are now available.

Casino began as a form of entertainment somewhere, just like any other game or sport and developed as time went on. It all started in the late 1300s when the French invented the playing cards. An assortment of nationalities helped its development just like any other game and the Dutch intervened in the 1700s when they launched the earliest lottery machine which I guess will be a surprise to many people because it is still in operational till date.

It is believed that the first opening of the casino was in Switzerland, Baden, although this is quite disputable. The word “casino” is truly an Italian word while casino really means a small house. Therefore, right from the modest inaugurations, the gambling or casino industry as it is known this day has developed to the level of being the most profitable and large industries in the world of business worldwide.

A lodging place now known as the Las Vegas Strip was built in 1945. This is a hotel that was named El Rancho-Vegas Hotel-Casino. Hosting millions of visitors every year, the sin city has therefore developed to a gambler’s paradise. Furthermore, the city is also a host to many international competitions, but the most popular is the poker championships which in addition include celebrity players. In the 1950s, the city began as a place where people gathered together for enjoyment with the most popular hotel that was being referred to as casino then. The word casino, meaning a place where people gather together to experience fun became a simple term.

From the foremost card playing games and the lottery machine, the casino industry has evolved way back from the Dutch where there are now poker tables, slot machine and numerous other games and the industry is sure to continue for more centuries. Online casinos have already displayed their competency to move with the times.

As a matter of fact, this particular industry has come to stay for a long time. I therefore say that you gamblers out there should gamble sensibly. Ensure that you make it a point of duty to see that you are not addictive to gambling. Gamble with the money you can afford or willing to lose at all times. It is quite exciting to play both live and online casinos and it alleviates tension and anxiety if it is played appropriately. Always play casino game responsibly because it may not be appropriate for all and sundry.